How do I create my auto dealership website using ?

  • The process is simple and easy. You do not need web design or programming knowledge to create and manage your website
  • 1. Create an administrator login
    This will be the primary user for your website. Can be used to log-in and manage your website settings, listings, and additional users.
  • 2. Enter business Information
    Provide the information necessary for us to create About Us, Contact Us, Blog, and Directions pages. This information includes your business name, location and phone numbers.
  • 3. Select your theme
    There is a great deal of customization that can be done after you create your website, but initially you will select the layout and colors of what you want the initial version of your website to look like. You will be able add your logo after the website is created. Until the logo is uploaded, your business name will appear in the header.
  • 4. Select your domain name
    You have the option to use your existing domain or let us register a new domain name for you to use. If you want to try out the service before committing to use a domain name, you can do so.
  • 5. Select a subscription
    You can select a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. We offer preferred rate packages for quarterly and yearly subscriptions.
  • 6. View your completed website
    Once your site is created you can view the fully functional website with sample data. It is ready to be given out to your clients. You can customize the layout, delete sample listings, edit default blog post, and about us pages, and make any changes you like to see on your website from the dashboard of your website.

What does my default auto dealer website come with?
By default you get a full fledged inventory management system complete with a front end website that you can start giving out immediately. Most users choose to get a free domain name during sign up but it is optional. Besides sample auto listings, your website will have all the standard pages like Contact Us, About Us, Blog, Directions, Inventory Search, Loan Calculator, and Contact form.
All these pages come with sample text based on your business name and address. You can edit these pages and customize the content according to your liking.
How long should I wait before my auto dealer website is functional?
There is no delay in setting up your website. Your site is immediately available at If you are using your own domain name, it might take anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 hours for dns information to propagate across the web.
How do I edit my blog or add new blog posts ?
You can access the blog sections inside your dashboard after you create your site, which will help you manage your blog posts.
Are there any setup fees?
There are no setup fees. Your only commitment is your subscription fee.
Is there a contract?
Absolutely not. You are free to cancel your subscription any time you wish without any cancellation fees.
Can the prices go up in future ?
The price you sign up with will not change as long as you are an active subscriber.
Is there a trial period ?
We offer a full refund of your payment if you are not satisfied with your website within 30 days of sign up date.
How does live chat feature work ?
A live chat button appears to users visiting your website when you or your staff are logged in to your website.
This can be disabled in user settings if you wish to not use online chat with your website visitors.
Is there a limit on number of ad listings per month I can post on my website ?
This is a gotcha point for a lot of websites to charge you more as you post more. With our service you can post as many ads as you wish. There is no limit.
Is there a limit on number of images I can post on my ad?
There is absolutely no limit.
Can i import my inventory ?
Yes. We support importing from various inventory managers like,, or any other provider that exports inventory feeds .
Can i export my website listings to,,, etc ?
 Yes. Inventory from your website can automatically be exported to services like autotrader and vast or any other provider that can import listings . Many of our existing clients use this feature to avoid duplicate work uploading their inventory.
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