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If you are a car dealer, then it goes without saying that you are someone with a lot of drive (no pun intended). But staying driven is difficult. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb said ‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ The difference between car dealerships that stay driven and those that don’t is usually because one group was committed to never giving up.

successful car dealershipFor car dealers, staying driven isn’t always easy because it takes a long time to build a reputation in your community as a trustworthy and reliable auto lot. There’s no short cut to that goal because reputations are earned over time. However, we believe that if you never quit treating people well and taking care of them, you’ll be successful.

Still, it is easy to lose focus and miss the big picture. Acquiring inventory, doing test drives, walking the lot with customers, maintaining your cars, and advertising take up so much time and effort that a lot of dealers lose their drive and quit trying to do their best.

We understand because hundreds of hours of research, development, testing, optimization, and consultation have gone into our service. This process is ongoing, because we are committed to never stop improving and upgrading. Still, maintaining our drive is important, and the way we stay motivated is to take a step back and remind ourselves why we started offering car dealer websites in the first place.

Our journey began with a realization that similar services are either overpriced or under-featured. That seemed unfair, and we knew we could deliver superior value for less. With, we aim to serve auto dealerships that are paying too much currently or shopping for a dealer website service that is not charging them an arm and a leg. At the same time, our goal has always been to provide solid value by providing our clients with advanced features such as live chat, crm integration, visitor reports, local SEO optimization, and awesome-looking websites.

So if your dealership is needing a bit of motivation, don’t quit. Did you know that Thomas Edison tried over 2,000 prototypes before inventing the incandescent bulb…he stayed driven because his motivation to succeed was greater than his desire to quit. Why not take a few minutes now and recall why you started selling cars in the first place? Sure, you wanted to earn a living, but you probably started because you really like cars and helping people…we do too, and we’re not going to stop offering great website templates for car dealers, so let’s stay driven together.

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