Top Five Reasons Why Car Dealers Should Use Social Media


Social media is one of a car dealers best strategies they can use to sell more cars, a lot of car dealerships have relatively weak social media skills. Because of this, they are not optimizing their sales reach and making the most of marketing opportunities. So we thought that we would offer the top five reasons you should be using social media in your auto dealership marketing strategy.

  1. Almost Everybody Uses Social Media: In fact, research by the Pew Research Center in 2014 showed that 74% of adults use social networking sites on a regular basis. More importantly, 46% of car buyers say they have seen an advertisement for a local car dealership on Facebook. The top reasons that people click on Facebook posts is to obtain information or to claim a sales promo.
  2. Social Media Will Get Results: Compared to other, traditional marketing mediums, social marketing will outperform old ways of getting new clients. People engage with social media accounts much more frequently than they do the newspaper, mailers, or radio. Facebook and Twitter provide every dealership with an easy way to promote their website for little to no additional cost.
  3. Strategies work: the way to do outreach on social media is to first post things that are of general interest, then follow up with something related to your business. For example, first you want to target people who fit your demographic. If your inventory is made up of small sports cars, then you probably should not market to bigger families. On the other hand, if you carry a lot of sedans, minivans, and SUVs, that it would make no sense to try to reach young people in their 20s. let us say you have a number of sports cars, then your posts should be about the things that sports car enthusiasts like, new technology, performance comparisons between makes and models, and so on. Ideally, you should post about three general interest articles before posting an image of that nice BMW M3 you just got on the lot. What you are doing here is building trust with your demographic, building an audience, and then advertising your inventory in order to drive leads.
  4. You Will Get Better Quality Traffic: If you try to market to everyone, then no one will actually hear what you are saying. Instead, use social media like a surgeon uses their instruments…you are delicately trying to generate an audience that is related to what it is you are selling. Assuming you already know who your customers are, (and if you do not, stop reading right now and figure that out before continuing), the need to find out what it is that they are interested in. Social media allows you to do that very easily as you can see the kind of books they like, movies they watch, things they post, and so on. if you are observant, once you start building your social media network, you should start seeing trends among people… If they like sports, that gives you an easy way to build general content, think about it, people love football games like to tailgate, and what is better to tailgate in then that SUV you have sitting on the lot? Obviously do not want to start out by talking about your inventory, but if you can tap into what makes your followers tick, you will get better quality traffic to your site, and their friends, who are probably a lot like them, will follow suit.
  5. Social Media Allows You to Target: By using keyword targeting, you can easily find the kind of people you are looking for. Here is how it works: let us say you have a car dealership in Atlanta, just go to your twitter page, and in the search box, type “Atlanta” or # Atlanta and it will bring up every tweet from people who used the word “Atlanta”. Next, befriend these people by following them, and when they follow you back make sure to thank them. Another easy way to target people you want to market to is simply find your competitors followers, and follow them!

In closing, please remember that you do not want to over expose people to your inventory. Do not be like those social media users who constantly spam out links that only point to their website. Instead interact with people genuinely, as you would when meeting new people at a party. At some point in the conversation look at a chance to tell people what it is you do and you get a sense for whether or not there might be a sale in the future.

As long as you are committed to developing a well constructed campaign, social media will allow you to build your brand awareness, sell more vehicles, drive more service visits, and engage with your customers so that you can generate future sales. Social media is here to stay, and it is a great marketing tool once you commit to using it the right way.

At, we have already baked in all the social media functions that you need to make your auto dealer website into a selling machine. Get in touch with us now to learn how we can help you take your car dealership to the next level!

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