Is your website anti-social? Here’s how to fix it…


Social media for used car dealersSearch engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are now using Facebook and Google+ popularity as a criteria for ranking search results. Twitter and Pinterest also appear to provide validation that a website is popular with users. As a used car dealer, if you are not using social media to some degree, you may be missing out on sales revenue.

Think about it, social media is a great way to promote your car dealership and showcase your models…you can respond quickly to people’s questions, interact with the community, and build brand awareness. Using your social media accounts to sell cars will also play a role with your rank in search engine results because social media drives fresh traffic to your website.

Having social network links on your website and ad pages is almost required at this point if you want your used car dealership website to perform at its best. Websites built with already have Google+ and Facebook like icons in addition to Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media sites on each ad listing.

Here’s some quick tips to get you on the right road today:

  1. If you haven’t already set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for your dealership, do that now.
  2. Next, start following people who are in your area and who share your interests. In Twitter, you can actually search for words like Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dodge, or used cars, and it will show you people who are talking about those things.
  3. Now, start a dialogue with people. Don’t just post a ton of links about your dealership…you can talk about sports ‘Hey, great game last night–can you believe Dallas?!?’ You can talk about the weather: ‘Finally looks like winter is over – a good time to think about a convertible!’ and so on.
  4. Feature posts with photos. Just go onto your lot with your smartphone and take a couple photos a day of interiors, rims, audio systems, etc and post them with a comment. Example:

  One more thing, after you post, have your employees, friends, family and active subscribers also help improve your ranking and business by liking and sharing your content with their friends and followers.

This is just a short overview of how you can use social media to promote your auto dealership. If you found this helpful, reach out to us by visiting and following us on Twitter and Facebook!

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