Online Marketing for Car Dealers


If you have a car dealer website, or if you are a used-car salesperson and want to sell more, the first thing you have to do is commit to online marketing. that probably does not sound strange coming from a company who makes websites for automobile dealerships, but unless you have an inexhaustible resource of energy, you will need to find a way to multiply your efforts.

What does that mean? Well, every person has 24 hours of time each day, but only a handful of those hours are dedicated to actually working. The old-style of selling cars involved just waiting for people to come on your lot and then using sales tactics to get them to sign on the dotted line. That tactic does not work as well anymore because consumers are savvy and they can examine inventory online, find competitive prices, and even secure financing before they step onto your lot.

Since people are becoming much more savvy online, car dealers also have to meet them where they are. That means you need to spend some time on social media. Here is a quick guide to help you on your way:

  1. Make at least 10 touches per day. What we mean by ‘touches’ is a Facebook like, comment, or post, a tweet or re-tweet on Twitter, a comment on a blog article, and so on. Each action  counts as a touch. Your goal every day should be to get 10 touches with people and businesses in your circle of influence.
  2. Build your circle of influence. This means that you should be targeting people who are within driving distance of your dealership. You can use the search function in both Facebook and twitter to find people in your city. Now before you friend them, the better way is to start interacting in a group where like-minded people get together over an unrelated topic. For example, let’s say you like football. go to the Facebook page of the team closest to your city, and become a member. Now you will find people there who share your passion for football and probably lived close to your city. After interacting with people a bit, it can be about the game, whether or not the new uniforms look good, or whatever, you can quite naturally request their friendship on Facebook. Once they are your friends, they will see the post that you make on your personal page.
  3. Manage your personal page. Facebook has two types of pages, personal and business. Generally speaking, your business should have its own page, but you are not allowed to make friends with people while using your business page. Facebook wants to make sure that companies just do not go out there and abuse the friendship button. So what you should do is, after you have established a solid Facebook business page, make sure you share some of your business-related items on your personal page. That way your new friends on Facebook will see that you sell cars at a local dealership.
  4.  Try  video. If you make one video per week, you will have a YouTube channel with over 50 videos that are directly related to your business within a year. is an easy way to come up with subject matter: grab your iPhone, shoot a video of one of your cars every week and describe some of the benefits and unique features about that car. for instance, you could talk a little bit about the history of Mercedes-Benz while you are opening the door to show people the interior of that 2012 C class that you just purchased at the auction. Tell them about the fine grain leather and how will make them feel when they park it in their driveway every night. Another method you can use is to talk about basic things that relate to car maintenance, and this is especially important if you are dealership also has a garage. You can discuss the proper way to change a tire, how to know it is time to replace windshield wipers, or the best way to keep the paint job looking new. While these might seem like pretty basic topics to you, remember that most people do not sell cars for a living and so they have no idea about how to care for their car.

There are a lot more tips that we could share, but for now we will leave it at that. If you are in need of a new website for your car dealership, please get in touch with us and see how easy it is to reach new customers using our one click social media and Craigslist postings.

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