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If you are selling used cars via one of DealerPlatform’s website templates, you know how powerful the platform is for putting your inventory in front of people searching for a car online. In this article, we talk about the ‘big picture’ from the perspective of the buyer, which will help you better position your car dealership for online and offline sales. So we are going to take a little peek at some of the things that you should be sensitive to when selling your inventory.

For many people purchasing a used car is without a doubt one of the best ways to go. If they make a wise purchase then they are going to end up with a dependable vehicle for a reasonable cost. Here’s what the top auto dealers do to sell more cars online:used car website template

1.)  Take great photos: It is important that people have an opportunity to inspect the aesthetics of the vehicle. This means showing them both the inside and the outside of the vehicle, and noting any issues. Every buyer knows that used cars are going to have some issues from time to time, and they want to know if something something will present a major issue somewhere down the line. For example, if there are worn or rusty parts on the vehicle then they will want to know, and full-disclosure does a lot more to build your dealership’s reputation than trying to hide problems.

  • Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to take photos of dings, rips, and dents because it helps build credibility that you’re an honest dealer. That’s how you get repeat and referral business.

2.)  Take them for a test drive: This is probably one of the most important parts of the whole buying process. People need to know that the vehicle that you are purchasing drives well, and having one of your sales staff record a video of you driving it around down the road and describing the experience is a great way to help buyers imagine themselves inside the vehicle. This means going out and actually seeing how it reacts to your driving style, then describing it for the viewer. Try to test it on both local roads and highways in the area, if possible. This will show them a little bit about how the car drives. Some customers are not experienced drivers, and so you can help them understand whether the vehicle is suited for them or if another model is better. Grandma probably doesn’t need a Challenger!

  • Pro tip: You might want to reserve your test drive videos for your more expensive inventory, but adding video to your car dealership website will make you stand out.

3.)  Be prepared for negotiation. There is no such thing as standardized pricing with used cars, and with so many options online, people know what the going rate is for makes and models. Therefore, it is your duty to take a little look at the prices of vehicles and set prices accordingly on your website. This way people can be sure that they are not going to waste their time (and yours!) by looking at cars they can’t afford. If there is a vehicle that a customer likes, they won’t be afraid to try haggling down the price. Most of your competitors will be more than happy to budge if it brings them in line with the price that most other people tend to be charging for their vehicles.

  • Pro tip: Use DealerPlatform to easily set your prices and adjust them to respond to demand and market prices.

4.)  Anticipate that their mechanic will look at it. People are too savvy these days not to let their mechanics inspect the vehicle before they part with their hard-earned money. There are plenty of companies in your local area who will offer a service like this, so it might be a good idea to have your mechanics look at the car thoroughly first, fix whatever might be a deal-breaker, and then price accordingly. Again, being up front with people is the best approach, because many of them are going to take it to a mechanic anyway.

  • Pro tip: Be transparent about any issues a used car might have – people will trust you more and be less hostile at closing negotiations.

If you think like a buyer, you’ll have an easier time selling more cars because you are putting their mindset first. Above, we have given you a number of ideas for advertising used cars online. Of course, DealerPlatform simplifies that process immensely by automating and streamlining a lot of the tedious tasks so that you can use your website to market creatively to people looking for a new car on the internet.

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