How To Improve Your Auto Dealer Website Quickly


how to make an auto dealer websiteThe answer to building a great car dealer website is in the title: use more “how to” language. Here is why:

A recent study showed a 70% increase in the use of the phrase ‘how to’ among people searching for instructional videos. So what does that mean for your car dealer website? It means that it is worth your time to take advantage of the way people look for information online. How? By writing helpful articles and making helpful videos that show them how to do something related to buying, negotiating, trading in, and servicing their car.

In other words, write articles and make videos that teach people how to do things.

Gone are the days when customers walk on to the lot without having researched prices, reviews, and negotiating strategies for buying a car. Given that fact, why not make short articles that cater to the sorts of things people want to know anyway? After all, it is better that they are getting the information from your site than a competitor’s website.

Here are examples of how to make your car dealer website even better:

  • Talk about how to negotiate a car deal
  • How to buy a car with different financing options
  • How to change their oil ( just film one of your service department with your iPhone and then say something like, “Well, that is how we do it here at ABC dealership, and if you would rather have one of our pros do it for you, give us a call at {insert phone number here}.”
  • How to do a test drive and what to look for
  • How to read a Carfax report
  • How to decide whether to buy or lease a car

At Dealer Platform our goal is to help you understand how to make your car dealer website the best it can be. To learn more about how our car dealer websites can help you sell more cars, get in touch with one of our friendly staff by calling us toll-free at 866-433-2643.

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