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Top Five Reasons Why Car Dealers Should Use Social Media

Social media is one of a car dealers best strategies they can use to sell more cars, a lot of car dealerships have relatively weak social media skills. Because of this, they are not optimizing their sales reach and making

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Manage Your Dealership Website the Easy Way

How are you currently marketing your website? That is a crucial question to answer if you are a car dealer because research shows that the majority of people are going online first to search auto dealer websites before stepping onto the

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Online Marketing for Car Dealers

If you have a car dealer website, or if you are a used-car salesperson and want to sell more, the first thing you have to do is commit to online marketing. that probably does not sound strange coming from a

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Why car dealers love us: import your car inventory quickly

Ask most auto dealers what tasks they dread and they will say: ‘inventory management’. However, our customers don’t have to deal with those headaches, because DealerPlatform allows them to do import their inventory feeds automatically from Carfax, Dealer Track, AutoTrader,

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Used car sales – are newer used cars actually becoming cheaper?

Average Sales Price of Used CarsIn the Last Decade (2005-2015) |

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Having a website can make or break a car dealership

Do you remember when people used to scan the newspaper in hopes of finding a good used car deal? For automobile dealers, the Internet created a whole new wave of opportunities to reach the customer. However, for some auto dealerships

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How To Improve Your Auto Dealer Website Quickly

The answer to building a great car dealer website is in the title: use more “how to” language. Here is why: A recent study showed a 70% increase in the use of the phrase ‘how to’ among people searching for instructional videos.

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What drives you?

If you are a car dealer, then it goes without saying that you are someone with a lot of drive (no pun intended). But staying driven is difficult. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb said ‘Our greatest weakness

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How car dealers can make the most of Facebook

Facebook is essential to building your dealership’s social profile but knowing where it fits into the car-purchasing funnel is the key to successful lead generation for your company. This lesson was recently driven home for Jumpstart Automotive Group, an online solutions

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How to Compete with Big Dealerships

As every independent used car dealer knows, competing with large dealerships is always a challenge. Part of the reason for this is that dealerships can offer deep discounts because they operate on volume and have significant support from auto manufacturers

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